The conference calling carrot

The conference calling carrot (image credit: Thinkstock/iStock)

The way we do business is changing.

Not just the way we work, but the values and motivational tools companies are using to get the most out of their employees, attract new talent and portray themselves to their customers.

The …

The How & Why of Recording a Conference Call

Conference call recording

Why recording a conference call can save you time and money

A current blog post on website Site Pro News has commented on the advantages of recording conference calls. In today’s video we will delve into the debate and explain …

Commuting: How much is too much?

Commuting: How much is too much?

While we probably all think we've ended up drawing the short straw when it comes to making our way into the office every day, after listening to a recent Radio 4 broadcast, it's safe to say that there are definitely …

What is a teleseminar?

What is a teleseminar? (image credit: Thinkstock/violetkaipa)

Teleseminars are large conference calls with hundreds or even thousands of participants which enable you to talk to prospects, customers or staff en masse.

They can be thought of as your own private radio station where you're the host.

When …

The evolution of telephone communications

The evolution of telephone communications (image credit: Thinkstock/iStock)

Over the last 150 years, the way we communicate has changed dramatically. 

It's certainly come a long way since the classic tin can or lovers' telephone, which used a taut connection of wire to transmit sound via vibrations from one …