For your eyes (and ears) only

Paris 13-11-15 emblem

In the aftermath of the appalling atrocities in Paris, as the world struggles to comprehend the acts of barbarism carried out on a city that contributed so heavily to our notions of democracy and freedom and shaped so much of …

Who Dares, Wins

Rugby 2015 for blog

As October draws to a close, the entire world of rugby is focused on the finals of the 2015 rugby world cup, well, almost the entire world of rugby.

For the host nation, the month of October must surely have …

That’s No Moon!

Red moon eclipse

If you were lucky enough to be in London in the early hours of the 28th September and were still awake you will have been treated to a fantastic view of the lunar eclipse.

For once the English weather played …

Don’t get your wires crossed!

Football and money picture

As the dust settles over what has become the annual madness that is the closing of the summer transfer window for football leagues across Europe and journalists can end their month long fantastical speculation based on little more than gut …

Greek Crisis Teleconferences

Broken Greek Piggy Bank

As Eurozone leaders prepare for their weekly telephone conference call to discuss the next steps in their attempt to solve the Greek crisis, one thing is clear; the last month’s worth of high stake phone calls and public posturing has …

Big Data’s sprung a leak

Picture of hacker

Last month saw two major breaches in cyber security attributed to the People’s Republic of China on two US governmental departments.

Both the US Departments of the Interior and Homeland Security discovered this month that hackers working for the Chinese …