A Political Farce

Picture of Theresa May

The saying that a week is a lifetime in politics must surely be haunting senior figures in the Conservative party right now.

In the seven weeks from Theresa May calling the snap election, a seemingly insurmountable lead by the Conservative …

Back To The Polls

UK general election vote

General election apathy and suspicion

Just as the British public thought they had reached peak politics a snap election was called for the 8th June, drawing the United Kingdom into yet further political upheaval.

For only the eighth time …

One day a year is too many

Picture of April fool for website

Did You Get Pranked?

April Fools’ – It’s the one day of the year where businesses across the country dread the excuse given to the office joker to unleash havoc.

Fake telephone conferences with the local sandwich shop have to …

Diplomatic Immunity

Picture of Trump

Behind every international political interaction sits a team of diplomats, examining every word, every variance of tone and seeing to it that the incredibly intricate protocols surrounding international relationships are followed exactly.

Every telephone conference call between world leaders is …