Flexible working reveals gender divide

Flexible working reveals gender divide

Busy schedules and time-consuming tasks can leave few hours for family life or relaxing hobbies. Modern living is often hectic and results in us feeling frazzled at the end of the day.

Many companies offer flexible rotas which allow staff members to get the most out of their week – both personally and professionally. However, new research shows that finding ways to manage our time in the workplace might depend on your gender.

This because big bosses are more likely to give men flexible working schedules, rather than women.

According to a study in the Journal of Social Issues, males are given more time out to work on their professional development and other activities, while women in the same roles are refused these opportunities.

Researchers were surprised with their findings, expecting employers to favour women in flexible working schemes. Victoria Brescoll, Jennifer Glass, and Alexandra Sedlovskaya, co-authors of the report, found that men in low-status jobs who asked for extra childcare time were more likely to get it than men in higher positions.

However, women in both high and low jobs did not receive leniency from their managers, revealing an unfair gender bias in the office.

The authors showed how sexist views of "greater respect and admiration managers felt toward high-status male employees to high-status female employees" was harming women's professional progression.

As technology advances there are more options readily available for workers of both genders. With conferencing call technology becoming easier to use every day, it is much simpler to stay in contact with remote employees and those who need to work from home on a flexible schedule.

The benefits of home working are massive – cutting down on commuting costs and being close to your family can have positive effects on employee mental health. The accessibility of cloud working means that gender balances are maintained, as women are able to juggle busy child care schedules around their jobs.

Greater worker retention provides fantastic figures for companies and shows off innovative techniques to other businesses.