Privacy – Don’t Get Bitten

The stark reality of privacy and data security in the modern world has dominated headlines of late. No agency or institution seems immune from their secrets being exposed or their databases hacked and dumped for the world to read.

While …

Comfort in cake

Cakes with British flags

After the rollercoaster of emotions the British public has been subjected to this summer it only seems right and proper that collectively we turn to cake in order to soothe our frayed nerves.

Acting as the nation’s therapist, The Great …

Herculean Teleconferences

Olympic Games Rio 2016 image

The world is gearing up for the Olympic games and for a competition that has often been abused as a political tool, these games are on track to become the most calamitous in Olympic history.

The reason that the heads …

Euro 2016 – More than just a game

Logo of Euro2016 football

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it will be impossible to have missed the major international football tournament in France.

The 24 countries that made up the finalists for Euro 2016 operated at a frenetic pace. With almost hourly …

Written in stone

Hillsborough monument

After 27 years of constant fighting and torment, the families of the victims of Hillsborough were finally granted some amount of peace.

A court of law finally put to an end the twisted narrative that had done so much damage …

An impenetrable accent?

SAS soldier pointing gun

In the midst of some of the heaviest fighting of the Second World War, the race to control communications became so crucial to the war effort that no idea was off limits.

The landscape of war had evolved so much …