Greek Crisis Teleconferences

Broken Greek Piggy Bank

As Eurozone leaders prepare for their weekly telephone conference call to discuss the next steps in their attempt to solve the Greek crisis, one thing is clear; the last month’s worth of high stake phone calls and public posturing has …

Big Data’s sprung a leak

Picture of hacker

Last month saw two major breaches in cyber security attributed to the People’s Republic of China on two US governmental departments.

Both the US Departments of the Interior and Homeland Security discovered this month that hackers working for the Chinese …

Let’s get ready to rumble! (the fraudsters)

Boxing and security in conferencing

Last month saw arguably the biggest boxing match of the decade when Floyd Mayweather, Jr. took on Manny Pacquiao at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas in a fight that at times seemed unlikely to ever happen.

With a sell out …

Internet blocking and its effect on VoIP traffic

VoIP internet censorship

Internet shutdowns

With news this month that Turkish authorities blocked access to both Twitter and YouTube in part of their crackdown on subversive social media activities, it continued a worrying trend of governments blocking access to Internet services in an …

An eternal home for Gandhi

Photo of Ghandi

This month saw the unveiling of a statue commemorating Mahatma Gandhi and the 100th anniversary of Gandhi’s return to India to begin his struggle to create independence from British rule.

Not many countries would celebrate the very person who did …