The How & Why of Recording a Conference Call

Why recording a conference call can save you time and money

A current blog post on website Site Pro News has commented on the advantages of recording conference calls. In today’s video we will delve into the debate and explain why recording conference calls can protect reputation.

It is suggested that as travel costs rise and conference call technology costs decrease, face-to-face meetings are becoming less frequent. Conference calls are now a key element of business functions.

Suggestions are made in the blog post that a major advantage of conference calls is the recording function which allows all attendees to refer back to the meeting at a later date. This not only ensures all information is accurately documented, but itConference call recording also provides protection from unsavoury situations that may effect company reputation such as false complaints and money disputes.

A spokesperson for Buzz Conferencing, recently offered his thoughts on this topic…

“One advantage of recording calls which is very rarely mentioned is the almost magical effect it can have on the behaviour of participants. Meetings which are recorded tend to be shorter, more focused and less likely to include office politics or petty personal clashes. Could this be because people know they are talking on record? We’ll leave that to others to decide but it’s certainly been our experience. Why not record your next call and see? There’s no charge”.

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