Free audio conferencing

Whether you want to chat with colleagues in an office across town, a client in another country or family or friends living abroad, a simple and reliable method of communication is essential.

While face-to-face communications are nice, they aren’t always necessary – in fact, at least one in five face-to-face meetings could be easily replaced by an audio conference.

With Buzz Conferencing, free conference calling is simple, and you can take part in calls from your home or workplace, with no special equipment, and without the hassle of monthly contracts or invoices.

The benefits of audio conferencing

Successful teleconferencing can help companies save time and money. The outlay for an audio conference is minimal, without any of the expenses or drop in productivity that can be associated with planning and attending a face-to-face meeting in far-away locations.

Getting started is easy with Buzz Conferencing

Free conference calling is easy with Buzz Conferencing. Simply register through our website to receive a Participant PIN. Then, share the unique number with anyone invited to teleconference meeting.

When you’re ready to start your teleconferencing session, simply call the conference phone number and enter the PIN when requested. You and your conference call guests can speak for as long as you like – each participant will simply be charged for their own call at the standard rate.

To find out more, check out our conference call user guide, or get in touch – a member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.