How To Hold A Conference Call

Buzz Conferencing is incredibly simple and easy to use. What’s more, there are some really great features that put you in control of calls so they run smoothly.

First, when you register for free on the website you will be provided with your main in-country phone number, a list of international numbers and a set of PINs which are unique to you and valid for life.

Then you need to invite participants to join a conference – via email is probably best. Let them know what time to attend the conversation, the phone number they need to access it and your participant PIN that will enable them to participate.

As long as each participant inputs the same unique PIN, they can dial in from wherever they are located with the phone numbers provided and connect for the price of a low-cost national call.

Next, at the agreed time, dial the 0845 545 5055 number (or the appropriate international number for low-cost international calls) then enter your Chairperson PIN followed by your name.

As others arrive, you will hear them being announced – when there are at least two people on the call, you can start talking!

Finally, when you’re finished, hang up.

The cost of the call – typically charged at 4.3p/min in the UK – will appear on your standard telecoms bill. You will never receive a bill from us.

There’s no need to book your next call or register for a new PIN. The Buzz Conferencing service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and your PINs are for life.

We told you it was simple!

What’s more, there are lots of super-cool features:

● As Chairperson you can customise and control how your conferences are held by using the free in-conference controls. For instance, you can request a private head count or roll call to track who’s on the call, lock the call so nobody else can listen in and record the conference so you don’t have to take notes.

● If you do decide to record the call, a secure link to download the recording will be emailed to you immediately after the call ends.

The benefits

When you want to conduct a meeting, a training session or communicate with a group of colleagues, then audio conferencing facilities like those offered by Buzz Conferencing allow you to do those things via a phone line.

Rather than meeting face-to-face, conference calls let you organise and conduct meetings at the drop of a hat. Not only are they incredibly convenient, but also cost-effective as companies don’t have to worry about hiring a meeting room or providing refreshments.

As well as this, for organisations looking to reduce their carbon footprint, conference calls allow people to take part in meetings from wherever they are located rather than having to commute to an office – taking measures to be a green company are really important these days.