Free Audio Conferencing

Audio conferencing allows you to meet by phone instantly with anyone, anywhere in the world – without leaving your desk or home office, for free.

Getting started is easy with Buzz Conferencing

1. Enter your name and email address in the box to the right. We will then send you your unique set of PINs.

2. Share your Participant PIN plus the conference phone number 0845 545 5055 with your guests. Don’t forget to also let them know the agreed time and date of the call (if your guests are overseas, please see our international dial-in numbers).

3. Everyone dials in and enters their PIN (you enter your Chairperson PIN and your guests enter the Participant PIN). You can speak for as long as you like.

With Buzz Conferencing there are no monthly contracts or invoices. The service is free and you only pay the price of an 0845 call which is billed by your telephone provider and appears on your standard phone bill the same way as any other call. Every caller will pay just for their own call (and not for their guests too).

For more details, see our free conference call user guide.

Benefits of audio conferencing

Whether you want to chat with colleagues in an office across town, a client in another country or family or friends living abroad, a simple and reliable method of communication is essential.

While face-to-face communications are nice, they aren’t always necessary – in fact, at least one in five face-to-face meetings could be easily replaced by an audio conference.

Successful teleconferencing can save you time and money.

With Buzz Conferencing, free conference calling is simple, and you can take part in calls from your home, workplace or on the move, with no special equipment, and without the hassle of monthly contracts or invoices.

Some of the key benefits of replacing traditional face-to-face meeting with audio conferences include:

Meeting by phone using audio conferencing services means you enjoy enormous savings in time and money as there is no travel ‘down-time’. Once companies start to use audio conferencing, the benefits are so great that they often become the preferred way of working.

Whilst cost savings and increases in productivity have a direct positive impact on your bottom line, audio conferencing also helps to cut your company’s carbon footprint which is becoming increasingly important as a way of demonstrating corporate social responsibility (CSR).