What It Costs

We won’t charge you a penny for our services – ever

Instead, your phone company charges you for your call into our system and then pays us a small percentage in commission. We even share some of this commission with you in the form of Amazon gift vouchers – see next section.

Unlike most free conferencing services, we use a standard 0845 phone number in the UK.

Calls usually cost 5.8p + VAT per minute plus your phone company’s access charge but may be included free in your call package, check with your network provider to see if calls to 0845 545 5055 are covered.

So, assuming calls to 0845 545 5055 are not included free,  a one-hour conference call with four call participants will only cost you (and each of your participants) £3.48 + VAT plus your phone company’s access charge – that’s it!

Some phone companies and mobile networks may charge you more or less than this depending on your tariff so always check with them first before using the service if you are concerned about your phone bill.

If you are calling from a UK mobile phone we suggest you use our mobile short code which is 8762763. Calls to this number cost just 12.5 pence per minute + VAT from UK mobiles.

We are likely to be cheaper than most of our competitors as we use an 0845 number as opposed to the more usual, and often more expensive, 0844 numbers used by other companies.

There’s a full list of international numbers and costs here.

We pay you!

Buzz Conferencing is unique in the conferencing industry in that we actually pay you to use our free services in the form of £25 Amazon vouchers.

As soon as you have clocked up 2,500 minutes of conference calls to our UK access numbers we’ll send you a £25 Amazon voucher as a thank you for your loyalty.

But it gets better, much better.

Recommend us to others using your personalised Tell-A-Friend link and when those people reach the 2,500 minute threshold we’ll send you another £25 Amazon voucher (of course we’ll send them one too so it’s a win-win).

There’s no limit to the number of people you can recommend and so no limit to the number of £25 Amazon vouchers you could earn.

Full details of our loyalty programme can be found here.

Money aside, what makes us different and better than the others are the host of free features and personal support we offer.

We’re here to help you 24/7